Terms & Conditions

  • Films released after January 1, 2019 are accepted
  • Without subtitles, if the film’s original language is English
  • With English subtitles, if the film is in another language
  • Attach the film’s dialogue in English to the presented film’s application
  • Send trailer, poster, screenshots of the film and materials for the catalogue /director’s photo and biography, crew info/

The directorate of the film festival encourages international film premieres in Sose International Film Festival’s competition and non-competition programs.

Selection of the films

  • The preliminary selection of the films is done by the special committee composed of international cinematography professionals who are selected by the film festival’s directorate. The preliminary selection is done according to the festival’s regulations and professional standards.
  • After passing the preliminary selection, the film is subject to public screening in the area of the Republic of Armenia in the frame of Sose International Film Festival.
  • The directorate of Sose International Film Festival has the right to cancel the film application if the deadlines and participation terms mentioned in the regulations are violated.
  • All rights to the film belong to the film producer.


The films winning in the competition program nominations are determined by the international jury, the members of which are selected by the film festival’s directorate. The film festival’s directorate  is obligated to also involve producers in the jury cast.

  • International jury for feature films
  • International jury for short films
  • International jury for students films


Films are accepted from March 7, 2019 until January 31, 2020

Film screenings and award ceremony will be held throughout August 2020.

Competition Programs and Nominations

Main competition program

Feature, short and documentary films without thematic limitations.

Feature films competition (Sose statuette)

  • Best screenplay
  • Best cameraman
  • Best sound design
  • Best actress
  • Best actor
  • Best director
  • Best film

Short films competition (Sose statuette)

  • Best Film

“Content is the woman” short feature films competition

Short feature films, the main topic of which is the woman.

  • Best interpretation (Sose Mayrig Award)

“Student” competition program

Only students can participate with their student works.

  • Best feature film student work – certificate

As an encouragement prize, the director that lives in Armenia and wins in the Best student work nomination will be granted his/her 1-year tuition by the film festival, and the student director studying abroad will be given a certificate.