10954551_761154677293545_4728522822092183276_nThe Name

Sose International Film Festival bears the name of an Armenian woman Sose Mayrig (Mother Sose) / Sose Vardanyan / who was born in 1865 in Sokhord village (Khlat, Turuberan province, Western Armenia) and was married to Fedayeen Serob Aghbyur. Since in those times it was forbidden to marry a Fedayeen, Sose becomes a member of a liberation movement and leaves for battles with her husband. In 1899 in Turkish-Armenian battle Sose’s eldest son and husband were killed. Sose was wounded and imprisoned in Baghesh prison. In the massacre of Karin Sose’s youngest son was also killed. After the release from prison Sose went to the Caucasus, then to Constantinople and finally stayed in the Egyptian city Alexandria where in 1952 she died. In 1990, her body was transferred to Yerevan and buried in Yerablur. She was called Mother Sose for her generosity, courage and endless love towards her country and the young generation.



The Statuette

The Statuette depicts a woman’s body with all its content. It represents her hips symbolizing her charm, feminine energy, and at the same time it represents the woman in the period of pregnancy, symbolizing the divine mission of life transfer. The author of the statuette is Armen Sahakyan /Ams Jig/.