What Ana Knew

in 2018 Competition


Short | United States | 2017 | 13 min
  • Zoë Smurr
  • Zoë Smurr Nazeli Ekimyan
  • Hajar Alnaim
  • Zoë Smurr Micah Byers
  • Mary Apick Apick Youssefian Adriana Sevahn Nichols Vachik Mangassarian Tess Granfield

Lies. Family. Secrets. A drama about three generations of an Armenian American family Ana is faced with pressure from her mother to keep a secret from her ailing grandmother. Making a pact with her grandmother, the young woman gives the whole family a bit of their own medicine. Grandma Rose, the surly, misunderstood matriarch of the family, has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. But her middle-aged children – Raffi, Gayane and Lucie – won't tell her for fear the shock will kill her. In the process, the two devise a scheme to spite (and ultimately reconcile) the rest of the family, as this is not the only secret this family carries!


Kinoki International University Film Festival
Cinestesia Film Festival