in 2017 Competition

Content is Woman

Short | Italy | 11 min
  • Caterina Frola
  • Caterina Frola
  • Giulia Rosco
  • Caterina Frola
  • Valentina Cherchi Patrizia Morelli

Sabrina is a young dressmaker who lives in her messy house, surrounded by mannequins, fabrics and old furniture. The messy environment opposes the obsessive tidiness inside her drawers and armchairs. Pierrecat is her pet, with which she shares everything: private life, work, joys, and worries. Madame Dusseux is Sabrina’s costumer, a woman with an imposing shape who breaks into Sabrina’s house too early. Sabrina panics over Madame Dusseux’s unexpected visit in her house. What will happen in her head?