in 2016 Competition


Short | Russia | 22 min
  • Ekaterina Mazukhina
  • Ekaterina Mazukhina
  • Ekaterina Mazukhina
  • Tatiana Gerasimova
  • Alexander Shitikova Rustam Komachkov Denis Nazarenko Marina Suvorov Konstantin Elchaninov

Young girl Vera, works as a waitress in a nightclub. Suddenly, in her life there is absolutely a stranger with whom she feels inextricably linked. He's a grown man, a photographer of great experience and established views. These are different people, among themselves feel an inexplicable closeness shower, a contact which gives birth to something beautiful. It is beautiful, for what art's for. Flash camera - light irradiation - where he and she - the victim of this exposure.