in 2018 Competition

Documentary Films

Documentary, Short | United Kingdom (English) | 2018 | 4 min
  • Allan Dransfield
  • Allan Dransfield

Part of the lifekollektiv series - a collection of short films exploring what joins us together on planet earth. UNDERTHEWATER dives beneath our oceans, seas, lakes, ponds and puddles, splashing around with a muddled sound for we are all connected by the wet underground. In order of appearance; (Intro; Lake Sevan, ARMENIA) Lake Baikal RUSSIA, BAHRAIN, Negombo SRI LANKA, Sarande ALBANIA, Daramshala INDIA, White Lake MONGOLIA, Berlin GERMANY, Kerala INDIA, Lome TOGO, Srinagar INDIA, Papigo GREECE, Inle Lake MYANMAR, Koh Chang THAILAND.