THREE CANDLES: Scars from the Balkan Wars

in 2016 Competition

Special topic Independence

Documentary | Bulgaria | 79 min
  • Diana Zacharieva
  • Diana Zacharieva GospodinNedelchev
  • DimitarNedelchev Boris Todorov
  • GospodinNedelchev
  • Diana Zacharieva

Mysterious history becomes an occasion to reveal the reasons for the First and for the subsequent Second Balkan War left some history as the Allies. The large project, filmed in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and Greece, tracks events that created and continue to stoke tensions in the Balkans for over a century. Come to light little known but horrific facts about the Balkan tragedy of the time. For the mass genocide of civilians, atrocities and torture over thousands of prisoners. Topics that are taboo today too. The official views of the parties concerned are justified by historians and military, and are supported by archival documents, images and memories of eyewitnesses. Why Bulgarians, Serbs and Greeks hate and what we can not divide more than one hundred years? Do we know the history or blindly believe what our convenient been told? What are the facts and what is hushed up, and why? These questions seek answers Diana Zaharieva-director in her debut film.