The Sonata

in 2015 Competition


Short | Kosovo | 29 min
  • Durim Kryeziu
  • Ben Apolloni Durim Kryeziu
  • Durim Kryeziu
  • Labinot Lajçi Albulena Kryeziu Armend Baloku

“The Sonata” is a film based on the well Leo Tolstoy novel “The Kreutzer Sonata”. Every intervention which is pressed into this has been for a intention only to explain the plain logic perception for circumstances in Kosovo. The love which holds two very different characters in everyday bases starts to build unsatisfying problems which these character attack each other drawing lines with questions such as: “What is love?”, “What is marriage?” “How long do they last?” Can they be treated with time, years, months, days, and hours. These come to be explained from each characters point of view.