The Roots

in 2017 Competition


Short | Ukraine | 22 min
  • Ilona Kocharyan
  • Ilona Kocharyan
  • Arsen Beglaryan Areg Balayan
  • Ilona Kocharyan Erik Kocharyan
  • Graf Ser David Shumsky Arman  Hovhannisyan Mane Markosyan Karo Tovmasyan Marianna Harutyunyan Anahit Harutunyan

The story is about an elderly man whose wife and  big son passed away  during the war in Nagorny Karabakh in 1992. After 5 years of   grey days and nights one winter morning changed life of the lonely old  man. This story has its happy end which can not be  perceived by everybody. A little bit about each and everyone.