The Forest

in 2018 Competition

Feature Films

Feature | Russia (Russian) | 2017 | 97 min
  • Roman Zhigalov
  • Roman Zhigalov
  • Roman Zhigalov
  • Roman Zhigalov
  • Oleg Shibayev Natalya Rychkova Oleg Feoktistov Maria Avramkova Vladimir Malyugin

Danila is sixteen. Katya is twice his age. He spends hours watching her out of the corner of his eye from an old shed on the edge of the forest. He does not even think about trying to be with her until Danila’s father shows up on Katya’s doorstep in an attempt to run away from his avalanching problems. Father and son are drawn into a turmoil of events where neighbor turns against neighbor, dividing the community into "us" and "them". The strong show more and more disregard and contempt the weak, pushing everyone's life towards a disaster.


25th Russian National Film Festival “Window to Europe”
São Paulo International Film Festival
International Arctic Film Festival “Arctic Open” Arkhangelsk
International Film Festival on Human Rights “Stalker”
International Film Festival of Uruguay Montevideo
Independent Days Internationale Filmfest Karlsruhe
Cyprus Film Days International Festival Nicosia
Barents Ecology Film Festival Petrozavodsk
Zabaikalsky International Film Festival Chita
Philadelphia Independent Film Festival Philadelphia
Milan International Film Festival
BUZZ CEE International Film Festival Buzau
ONE Country ONE Film International Festival Issoire
AVANCA Film Festival
Gorky Fest Nizhny Novgorod