The Blacksmith

in 2018 Competition


Documentary | Germany (Ukrainian) | 2017 | 30 min
  • Ivan Andrianov Nina Gudme
  • Ivan Andrianov
  • Andrianova Tetiana
  • Sergii Syvak

The closed, rich and worldwide unknown culture of Ukraine is explored, revealing its essence of strength and resistance. In a typical old village located in Kiew, Sergii, an ukrainian blacksmith, presents through his work a philosophical and spiritual view of life and his country. This film is showing a contrast between authentic peaceful life and tragic reality of war.


Cannes Film Festival
First Hermetic International Film Festival
Atlanta Docufest
TMC London Film Festival
Guam International Film Festival
Digital Griffix Online Film Festival
Outer Docs Film Festival
SIFF – Switzerland International Film Festival
Lago Film Fest
Woodengate Film Festival