in 2018 Competition

Short Films

Short | Germany (German) | 2017 | 14 min
  • Marco Gadge
  • Marco Gadge René Jacob
  • Niklas Hoffmann
  • Francis Fulton-Smith Mike Brandin Marco Gadge
  • Elisabeth Orth Jochen Nickel Fabienne Haller Maximilian Braun Tigran Petrosyan Vladislav Grakovskiy

Germany, at the end of WWII. The Red Army fight for every inch of ground in the streets of the city. Greta and her family are hiding in a cellar hoping for mercy. Greta’s father, however, intuits for a very good reason that the Soviets will take brutal revenge. The short film “Irgendwer” (“Someone”) shows that a beginning is still possible, always and everywhere. The film is based on a true story.