in 2015 Competition

Content is Woman

Documentary, Short | Ecuador | 16 min
  • Tomás
  • Carla Tomás Esteban
  • Carla

Ascents "solo" in the Himalayas are rare due to the enormous commitment they represent. What if the climber falls just going to crack? Would it make sense to call for help in one of the most inhospitable areas on Earth? He knows not. Therefore, besides overcoming the imminent risk of the rise, will struggle with the enormous psychological pressure to make the right decisions, because the first mistake can easily be the last. After fifteen years of preparation in several mountain ranges in the world, the Ecuadorian mountaineer Carla Perez throws to win their second summit of more than eight thousand meters. This time, however, has proposed an even more formidable challenge: achieve without artificial oxygen, without fellow expedition without Sherpas high. A rise fully "solo", which Carla will face tremendous mental, physical and emotional burdens in order to exceed the limits.