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Content is Woman

Feature | Germany | 94 min
  • Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss
  • Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss
  • Peter Aichholzer
  • Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss Julia Kühne
  • Winnie Böwe Floriane Daniel Astrid Ann Marie Pollmann Margit Bendokat Walter Plathe Matthias Freihof

Ama, Senta and Klara are sisters in their thirties and couldn’t be more different. Ama studies medicine, Senta is a dedicated prostitute and Klara is more of a house maker, who desperately wants a child, even if it is from her abusive, lorry driver husband. Their parents, Rosa and Erich (who suffers from dementia) are tucked away in and old peoples home, which affords the girls some peace and quiet. The home proves expensive so Ama and Senta, in a pang of conscience, are obliged to share a flat in order to pay the high costs.  Ama has asked Senta to suspend her occupational pursuits until she has graduated from medical school, as Senta’s brothel also happens to be frequented by Ama’s fellow students and thus has no wish to be associated with her sister.  One day Ama and Senta find their sister Klara lying badly beaten against their front door. They take her in and give her shelter.  However, as a result of the beating Klara loses child she was carrying. Markus, the husband responsible, wants her back.  And in the girls’ flat an argument ensues, resulting in fatal consequences for Markus, of which none of the sisters is entirely innocent.  In a kind of knee-jerk reaction the girls hastily remove all traces of the incident – including the body.  Klara has cancer and is unable to get pregnant again. Ama bribes a colleague and, with one of Klara’s egg cells and some of Markus’ sperm that they ‘removed’ from his body, becomes Klara’s surrogate mother. Senta helps by paying the doctor in kind. Klara dies.  Ama brings a healthy child into the world. They fetch their parents from the home to stay with them.  Their mother Rosa knows the whole story. They end up living in their own little ‘microcosm’ – which becomes difficult for an outsider to penetrate. Another ‘Markus’ enters their lives, falls in love with Ama but, as it turns out, works for a murder detective squad.  Ama, Senta and Rosa understandably remain guarded around him. Nevertheless Ama marries him (“the best way to defeat an enemy is to hug him…”) Markus number 2, however, will also not survive this marriage. The family stick together and even this “murder” goes undiscovered. For the moment….