in 2015 Competition


Short | Lebanon | 17 min
  • Omar Sfeir
  • Omar Sfeir
  • Julia Maalouf
  • Christine Choueiry Ziad Seaibe Mohamad Akil

Beirut in the 50's, Salwa, 43, is married to Ramzi, a rich colonel ,well respected in the Lebanese society. But gradually as time passes, Salwa becomes increasingly unsatisfied with the marital relationship built only on a physical relationship, in the absence of affection and emotion. When her relationship with Karim, her tailor, intensifies, Salwa is certain to have found the man who understands and envelope her with tenderness. In the shadow of a husband who only cultivates his manhood in the relationship that unites him to his wife, and with a homosexual dressmaker that overwhelms the affection and understanding of a woman, will Salwa achieve that perfect relationship that she covets so ardently?