in 2018 Competition

Short Films

Short | Russia (Russian) | 30 min
  • Vladimir Mirzoev
  • Irina Vaskovskaya
  • Yuriy Burak
  • Evgeniya Solyanikh Anna Ivannikova

Valya has always been dreaming about living in Venice. She sold her Moscow flat and left. The younger sister, Nadezhda, stayed alone in the country house. After a few years Valya became disenchanted with Venice and returned. Now, "in a Chekhovian way", both sisters live in a house with a mezzanine, this is what you call loneliness together. They became stuck between the past and the present. Behind the gates you find the frightening and incomprehensible everyday life, into which you "enter each time like into an Odyssey". One day Alexey appears, a mature man with an intelligent face. Nadia snatches him but Valya also likes him. A classic love triangle? No, our sisters have very different plans for Alexey...