Rough Sea

in 2016 Competition

Special topic H2O

Documentary | Spain | 16 min
  • Ariadna Rodríguez Masià
  • Ariadna Rodríguez Masià
  • Nacho Amela Chiva
  • Javier Rodes Sillué

In Sant Carles de la Ràpita, one of the most important harbours in Catalonia, trawling fishing is still widely practiced. One of the boats moored in the harbor is Tere Arbó. It's crew are young people who do not exceed 30 years from la Ràpita. Through the stories of the crew of the boat, we show how humans throw into their work. Everyday, they go out to sea and contemplate its natural beauty. Although the reality of business is disastrous, fishermen leave the harbor every day to perform a hard and little paid work, hoping for an uncertain future. What is the bond between the man and the sea?