Open space

in 2016 Competition


Short | Armenia | 11 min
  • Arman Ayvazyan
  • Arman Ayvazyan
  • Arman Ayvazyan
  • Narek Hovsepyan
  • Narek Hovhannisyan Armen Santrosyan Alina Nikoxosyan

The hero sees an avant-garde,  symbolic dream, where he looks like the Christ. He sees the Grand Inquisitor, who manipulates people. My character sees all within the framework , and myself too. Progress is like to a fish, which jumps out of the water. He realises that no one understood his teachings. He starts to fly, leaving behind a framework. Then he wakes up and feels the pressure of the space on him. His strange, mystical mood. He sees things that remind him of his symbolic dream.