NO PASARAN – A story of men and women who fought against Fascism.

in 2015 Competition

Save the Human

Documentary, Short | Germany | 73 min
  • Daniel Burkholz
  • Daniel Burkholz Heike Geisweid Sybille Fezer
  • Daniel Burkholz
  • Joseph Almudever Vincent Almudever Kurt Julius Goldstein Gerhard Hoffmann Rosario Sanchez Mora Giovanni Pesce Onorina Brambilla Pesce Herman Scheerboom

“What did you fight for?“ This question makes the 96 years old Austrian Gerhard Hoffmann, a former member of the International Brigades and the French Résistance, who had been fighting against Fascism, very thoughtful: "How can I tell you this in a few words?" NO PASARAN goes out in search of answers on a journey across Europe to meet the last contemporary witnesses of these events. In the focus of this multinational documentary film are the life paths and fates of Vincent Almudever and his brother Joseph Almudever (meanwhile living in France), Rosario Sanchez Mora (Spain), Herman Scheerboom (Netherlands), Giovanni Pesce and his wife Onorina Brambilla Pesce (Italy), Kurt Goldstein (Germany) and Gerhard Hoffmann (Austria). When they were volunteering to join the fight, they all were teenagers. But nobody of them expected a 10 years´ odyssey over the battlefields of Europe and through the fascist concentration or extermination camps until the return back home. "No doubt, this film will catch the interest of the democratic and freedom loving world." Vincent Almudever, Resistance fighter in the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War NO PASARAN has already been selected for the following festivals: Festival del documentario d´Abruzzo 2015 (Winner of the International Competition) - Sose International Film Festival - EKO International Film Festival 2015 - Out of Africa International Film Festival 2015 - MEDIMED, Nomads of Documentary 2015 - Color International Film Festival of India 2015 - UK International Veterans´Film Festival 2016.