in 2015 Competition


Documentary | Georgia | 15 min
  • Gabriel Khotivari
  • Gabriel Khotivari
  • Dato Janelidze

Stories of two women, two stories developed at streets of Tbilisi, two claustrophobic micro-worlds full of hardship, self-interest and sorrow. Two unrealized people molten in daily routine, who are part of the society and even though they choose radically different ways, they still have something similar. First one is bus conductor, she spends time from 6 AM til 12 PM in public transport. Throughout the day, she has to deal with standing up whole day, fight and verbal abuse. Second one is a prostitute. Every day she stand on the same city of Tbilisi and spend time while waiting for costumers by singing, telling poems and playing football. Clients are often greedy and have bargains about her body what sometimes causes verbal argument. Despite the fact that both of them have to communicate with the different people within the day, their lives are monotonous and unbearably heavy. Every night, after the working day their ways intersects on the way back home at subway carriage.