in 2018 Competition

Content is Woman

Short | Germany (German) | 2017 | 23 min
  • Afagh Irandoost
  • Afagh Irandoost
  • Mikko Gaestel
  • Afagh Irandoost
  • Seyneb Saleh

The film follows Neda‘s vain attempts to reassure her identity in a fractured society. Is she German? If so, what does that mean for her? Sex and drugs temporarily free her of her displacement, as she searches for her own role and fulfilment in life. She does not feel safe in love, nor in family, and surely not at her work where spirituality has become commerce. Unable to bear these paradoxes, Neda escapes in witty cynicism. „So did you meet any ‚better‘ people?“ Neda barks at a an old classmate after he tells her about his recent trip to India. Neda's internal conflict is part of a general struggle in the current society – who can still meet all of these lofty expectations?