Milky Way

in 2017 Competition

Feature Films

Feature | Russia | 95 min
  • Anna Matison
  • Anna Matison Timur Ezugbay
  • Alexei Kublitsky
  • Sergei Bezrukov Marina Aleksandrova Anastasia Bezrukova Peter Tereshchenko Konstantine Tolordava Christine Babushkina

Andrei and Nadya’s marriage has broken down. He has gone off to live in Moscow, while she has remained behind with their children in Irkutsk. On New Year’s Eve the family is together again, but for what may be the last time. “A divorce” sounds like a definite thing. On January 1 it seems like everything is already decided, but a whole chain of events – funny, sad, and sometimes strange and inexplicable ones – will keep this family from going over the edge. They all get lost and find one another again on this magical night on the island of Olkhon and discover that it’s easy to forget past slights, and that life holds something far more important.