in 2018 Competition

Short Films

Short | Ukraine (Ukrainian) | 2017 | 29 min
  • Anna Smoliy
  • Oksana Oliinyk
  • OleksiiKuchma
  • AndriyRizol VeronikaKryzhna
  • Roman Veremeychyk Hanna Adamovich OleksandrSokolov

Petro works as a waiter in the one of the bars in Lviv, where he meets Hotsa, a Ukrainian painter from Canada. Petro and Hotsa fall madly in love, but their love cannot last for long. Hotsa travelled all around the world, and she has a huge life experience which she wants to share with Petro. Petro, on the other hand, wants to explain to her the meaning of reality through the mystery of time and space. Petro is not able to explain to Hotsa the wonderful things he sees and knows. At the same time, he cannot let her go. They try to teach each other their life experience, each in their own way.


47th Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival