Ink of Yam

in 2018 Competition

Documentary Films

Documentary | Germany (Arabic, English, Hebrew) | 2017 | 75 min
  • Tom Fröhlich
  • Christoph Bockisch
  • Tom Fröhlich
  • Ronfu Chen Yuhua Xu Hawping Hsui

A bomb hits. The windows vibrate - and a few minutes later the needle continues to whiz. In a city full of conflicts, Poko Chaim and Daniel Bulitchev, two Russian tattooists, have created a place without walls. Here they perpetuate the stories of the inhabitants of Jerusalem; the ink under the skin connects them all. A look at their tattoos allows a completely new approach to the heart of the Holy City - its inhabitants. The studio is open to everyone, regardless of nationality, religion or skin color.


Tallahessee Film Festival
Lichter Film Fest Frankfurt Frankfurt