Honeymoon in the West

in 2018 Competition

Short Films

Short | France (French) | 2017 | 14 min
  • Laurent Ardoint Stéphane Duprat
  • Laurent Ardoint Stéphane Duprat
  • Julien Gueraud
  • Laurent Ardoint
  • Nathalie Franceschi Bertrand Constant Stéphane Duprat Fred Tolfey

Lisa, a young newlywed, is captured by a dangerous bandit. With his accomplices, they oblige her to attend the hanging of her husband, Mike. But he manages to escape death and he is going to do his utmost to deliver his wife from the claws of the outlaws.


Regalbuto Cinema Film Festival
Utah Arts Festival Salt Lake
Pachuca Film Fest
Manila Film Fest
Catone Film Festival
Festival de Vébron Vébron
Palena Film Festival
Nida Film Festival
Gozo Film Festival
Another Independent Film Festival
The Wild Bunch Film Festival
New Media International Short Film Festival
Tally Shorts Film Festival
Beeston Film Festival
Apex Film Festival
London Cinematic Film Festival
Festival francophone de Velaux
Festival de Senlis
Leiden International Short Film Experience
Pulcinella Film Festival