in 2018 Competition


Short | Russia (Russian) | 15 min
  • Sasha Potapova
  • Sasha Potapova
  • Leonid Nikiforenko
  • Mariya Prokhorova

Masha and Valya, vegetarians and abstainers, invite their former friends Natasha and Sergey over. Natasha and Sergey took a mortgage, they are planning a child. Natasha tries to persuade Masha to throw a wedding party, nevertheless she hints at Valya being no good for Masha. Masha in reply tells Natasha that her husband Sergey drinks vodka on the quite. Natasha makes a scene to Sergey. Masha tries to reconcile friends and convince them of their relationship being cracked. The guests are leaving. Valya blames Masha for climbing out of her business. Masha and Valya have a quarrel. Masha remains alone.


Kinoki International University Film Festival
Cinestesia Film Festival