Half Moon Bay

in 2018 Competition

Non Competition Films

| Armenia (Armenian) | 2014 | 86 min
  • Marine Zakaryan
  • William Saroyan (story)
  • Mihran Stepanyan
  • Hovhannes Galstyan Gevorg Gevorgyan Karen Ghazaryan
  • Ashot Adamyan Vivien Bastajyan Hovhannes Galstyan Narine Grigoryan Karen Janibekyan Sos Janibekyan Karen Khachatryan Nanor Petrosyan Varduhi Rushanyan Ara Sargsyan Movses Stepanyan

This full-length feature film is based on William Saroyans four novels. The movie actions take place in a fictional town called Half Moon Bay. The protagonists are young people with their honest and frank attitude to life. The film is about maturation; heroes obtain the most important thing in the world the ability to understand.