Goodbye Darling, I’m Off To Fight

in 2017 Competition

Documentary Films

Documentary | Italy | 74 min
  • Simone Manetti
  • Simone Manetti Alfredo Covelli
  • Simone Mogliè
  • Alfredo Covelli
  • Simone Mogliè Giuseppe Trepiccione Alice Roffinengo Francesco Motta Thomas Giorgi Laura Petruccelli

After a painful break-up with her boyfriend in NYC, Italian actress and fashion model Chantal Ughi discovered that Muay Thai was the only way to deal with her rage and to confront the violence she suffered as a child. She went to Thailand to train for four weeks, but ended up moving there for five years, training and fighting, modifying both mind and body to become as strong as a man, stronger than a man, and reaching the highest level possible in the martial art. Now, after a one-year hiatus, Chantal is back in the ring, ready to fight her demons and to reopen old wounds, as she attempts to become world champion again.