Eternally Child

in 2017 Competition


Short | kosovo: Kosovo | 10 min
  • Lorena Sopi
  • Lorena Sopi
  • Besnik Hasolli
  • Lorena Sopi Agim Sopi
  • Xhevat Qorraj Miran Zymberaj Sheqerie Buqaj Beslidhje Bytyqi Kosovare Hoti Joni Thimi

Moni, a ten year-old boy, lives with his father Xhema in great poverty. During a fatal meal, his father Xhema accidentally kills his son. All his life he will live cursed, blaming himself for what happened. In his last days, when he is very old, Xhema returns to the house where the tragedy happened to ask forgiveness of his son in order to release his soul and be able to pass away.