The End Of The Good Old Days

in 2017 Competition


Short | Turkey | 20 min
  • Mehmet Basak
  • Mehmet Basak
  • Turgay Safak
  • Mehmet Basak
  • Hanife Ciftci Yelda Alp Mustafa Payat Mehmet Mayda Mübeccel Olgac Meltem Sevindi Ali Ozcan Demir

"Pressures on societies lead to individual tragedies."  Year 1999. Humeyra, who is preparing for her university entrance exams, aims to follow in the footsteps of her elder sister, who is continuing her education abroad because of the headscarf ban. As for her mother – who is in the midst of a risky pregnancy – she desires her daughter to study at home. As for her father, who has used all of his available means to support his eldest – he is caught between supporting the dreams of his daughter and the reality of their situation. The girl’s grandmother, who has returned home to help Humeyra’s mother during the pregnancy, endeavors to resolve the tension. But will Humeyra be able to fulfill her dream?