Day Passes, Morning Begins

in 2018 Competition

Content is Woman

Short | Slovenia (Slovenian) | 2017 | 15 min
  • Lina Erzen
  • Lina Erzen
  • Peter Perunovic
  • Peter Milovanovic Jarh Lina Erzen
  • Anja Drnovsek (Anja) Boris Kerc (father) Vesna Jevnikar (mother)

When 30-year-old Anja gets pregnant, she thinks increasingly often about her own father whom she has not seen in a long time. With a heavy heart, she decides one day to visit him.


FAF, Festival of Amateur and Independent Film Smarje pri Jelsah
Krajina Film Festival Bihac
SHOTS, International Independent Short Film Festival Slovenj Gradec
FSF, Festival of Slovenian Film Portoroz
Wipe Amateur Film Festival
FNF, Festival of Independent Film
Euroshorts International Film Festival
Indie Cyprus Short Film Festival
Cardiff Mini Film Festival Cardiff
Balkan Film Food Festival Pogradec
Bali International Short Film Festival