Dance Hall Land (Sagre Balere)

in 2018 Competition

Documentary Films

Documentary, Feature | Italy (Italian) | 2017 | 73 min
  • Alessandro Stevanon
  • Eleonora Mastropietro Alessandro Stevanon
  • Alessandro Stevanon
  • La Fournaise

Omar was born in the suburbs of Milan and was destined to be an auto bodyworker, but, instead, he became a successful ballroom singer. He got inspired by listening to ballroom singers at Angelo Zibetti's Studio Zeta, the biggest dance club in Italy at that time and, this way, he later started his own career.


Bellaria Film Festival Bellaria – Igea Marina
Cayman International Film Festival
ShorTS International Film Festival Trieste
Mantova Film Fest Mantova
Detour Festival del Cinema di Viaggio Padova
International Music Film Festival
Local Film Festival Torino
Darbhanga International Film Festival
Lebanese Independent Film Festival
Film Festival Matera
Pyongyang International Film Festival