Cold ice, warm heart

in 2016 Competition


Documentary | Finland | 19 min
  • Viljami Alaheikka
  • Viljami Alaheikka
  • Marko Elovaara
  • Janne Taanila

Living in a children's home in Finland, Dieudonne, who admires ice hockey goalkeepers, notices an Icehearts team advert and builds up his courage and goes to a practice. Dieu is full of prejudices and anger, using violence as a way of solving issues. Joining the ice hockey team turns out to be a change in Dieu's attitudes and whole life. Dieu starts to understand how one should behave with other people; not with anger and violence, but with understanding and friendship. Gradually, Dieu starts to realize that the team's purpose is not to create world champions, but something very different.