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in 2016 Competition

Content is Woman

Feature | Russia | 90 min
  • Julia Belaya
  • Julia Galochkina
  • Arsen Gottlieb
  • Evgenia Afonskaya Evgenia Gromova Anna Vorkueva Filipp Avdeev Aleksandr Gorchilin Harold Rozenstrem

The focus is on three girlfriends.  There is Masha, an editor for a publisher of children’s books, who has a rounded figure, a collection of neuroses, and likes to drink.  Then there is Nastya, who sells cutting-edge fashion to young people, is very independent and likes guns.  And we have Rita, the manager of a hostel, a romantic who gets the most out of life and has a deep interest in money.  Each of them is trying to find love in their surroundings and hold onto it, but that isn’t so easy.  It means learning to TAKE RISKS, FORGIVE and TRUST.