in 2018 Competition

Short Films

Short | Russia (Russian) | 2018 | 29 min
  • Igor Poplauhin
  • Igor Poplauhin
  • Igor Poplauhin
  • Konstantin Shavlovskiy
  • Irina Salikova Gala Samoylova Kirill Kukushkin

At first glance she is just an ordinary woman. But every couple of month her normal life comes to a halt. Secretly from her loved ones she goes on a long journey. She jumps from one type of transportation to another, carefully covering up her tracks, building a web of lies during her phone conversations. What is on her mind and what is the purpose of this journey?


Cannes Film Festival
Eurasia IFF Sarajevo IFF
Gorky Film Festival
Voices Vologda
Nara International Film Festival