in 2016 Competition


Short | Armenia | 17 min
  • Kristine  Hambardzumyan
  • Feliks  Shaxtoyan
  • Kristine  Hambardzumyan
  • Kristine  Hambardzumyan Jemma Sahakyan
  • Samvel Topalyan Robert  Hakobyan Armine  Andreasyan Ben Avetisyan

The story is about thirty years old Aris Nanyan, who struggles against life and death trying to prolong his life to be able to take  revenge on his father who has killed his wife, Aris’s mother. Unfortunately, this story is bases on real events. Twelve years old boy Aris, who  was witness in his own mother’s murder , whole this years had one aim: suffering from stomach cancer to win a little time, prolong his life to take his revenge.