Bragg N East

in 2016 Competition

Special topic Independence

Short | United States | 24 min
  • Rob Underhill
  •  Bill Hand
  • AravindRagupathi
  • Robert Wagner Krystal Wagner AravindRagupathi Rob Underhill Withinayard Ministries (501c3 501c3 nonprofit organization)
  • Robert Wagner Michael Rosander Tenae Downing Robert "Tank" Crayton Drew Solomon MoiseTabon Bishop Bruce Rogers Jennifer Russoli Timmy Richardson

"...ART THAT HAS MEANING not only for the city but also the neighborhood" ―NEWS & OBSERVER (Newspaper Front Page Story) "HEARTFELT story." ―Alex Kendrick, director of FIREPROOF Inspired by true events, a life shattering tragedy unites two former adversaries in search of answers: a police officer and a gang-member, both hardened by years of working the streets. Bragg N East is a gritty, faith-oriented police drama about hopeless lives in inner-city Raleigh, North Carolina-and of the hope-filled vision of a local cop, Robert, whose inspired outreach of love changes the lives of many in that community-especially that of the gang member and drug dealer, Dae'Quan. While the story line is fictional, it is inspired by true events and the experiences of Raleigh officer Robert Wagner, whose vision this film promotes and honors.