Ashot Adamyan

Ashot Adamyan
JURY 2015 10 Oct, 2015

10550147_494631150640322_3696445272263591072_oAshot Adamyan is a Yerevan based director and actor. Adamyan has graduated from the Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Film Directors in Moscow, the workshop by Rolan Bykov. He directed two documentary films and his acting career is spanning for 37 years. Ashot Adamyan’s colorful characters in the most beloved Armenian films has made him one of the most recognized actors in Armenian cinema. The main character in the Arman Chilingaryan’s film is yet another chance to showcase Ashot Adamyan’s profound knowledge of human character as a man who lived the terrible tragedy of 1988 earthquake.


1987-1990  Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors, Studio of Rolan Bykov, Moscow, USSR, Diploma

1975-1979  Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan, Studio of Henrik Malyan, Yerevan, ASSR, Diploma, Master’s degree

1968-1972  Yerevan Construction and Architectural College after Alexander Tamanyan, Yerevan, ASSR, Diploma

1960-1968  Yerevan school №8 after Alexander Pushkin, Yerevan, Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, Certificate


2013-present Runs authoring program “Simple truths” at “AR” TV

2011-preset Actor at “AR” TV LLC. Yerevan, Armenia

2010  Developed and published Armenian folk tales with “Edit print” company. Yerevan, Armenia.

2009-2010  Actor and director in The State Musical Chamber Theatre

2006-2009  Free Artist

2003-2004 Run authoring program “Good Morning” at Public Radio of Armenia. Yerevan, Armenia

2002-2003 Chief of the youth program “Max Liberty”, Radio “Liberty”, Yerevan, Armenia

1998-2002  Freelance Correspondent, Radio “Liberty”, Yerevan, Armenia

1998-2006  Actor in “Armenfil” studio.

1997 Released “Dle M’Konde” musical album, Los Angeles, USA

1996-1997 Recorded “Dle M’Konde” musical album, “Asparez” studio, Yerevan, Armenia

1990-1996  The artistic Director of The Actor’s theatre after Henrik Malyan attached to “Armenfilm” studio.

1980-1987  Actor’s theatre after Henrik Malyan attached to “Armenfilm” studio, actor and second director.

16.11.1971-13.07.1972  Technician, “YerevanProject” Institute, Architectural Studio, Yerevan, ASSR

01.06.1971-06.09.1971  Senior Laboratory, Scientific Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Yerevan, ASSR



2015  /not released/  “Hot countries, cold winter” (Armenia, Netherlands, Germany): main role

2014 /not released/  “88”: main role

2014  “The Illuminator” by Atom Egoyan.

2013  “The Pheasant Hunter” short: main role

2013  “Tailless hermit”: got “Hayak” national film award as best supporting actor in 2014.

2009  “Metsamor” (mono play): got “Best Actor” award “Artavazd” from Theatre Workers Union of Armenia.

2007  “Coast does not appear” (play): main role also the author of the script

2007  “The Enemies” (short): main role: film by Davit Matevossian in collaboration with “Focal” Swiss company.

2007  “Loser”: episode

2006  “Small marital crimes” (play): main role: Gabriel Sundukyan National Academic Theatre.

2005  “The Path” (USA, Armenia): main role: directed by Ruben Kochar in cooperation with National Cinema Center of Armenia and “Blue Lion Entertainment” American Film Company

2002 “On the threshold” (short)

1998  “Uncle Poghoses visit” (play): main role, Los Angeles, USA

1993  “Calendar” (Armenia, Germany, Canada) by Atom Egoyan

1991  “The Deadline – seven days”: The Man: main role

1986  “Kite Day”: episode

1985  “Where are you going, soldier?”: Hunan

1984  “Path to the Sky” (short)

1984  “We will meet again”: Nathanael

1984  “King John” (Photoplay): Lord

1983  “The Price of Return”: Haik

1983  “Master”: driver

1982  “The Song of the old days”: main role of Oberon

1982  “A Drop of Honey”: main role

1981  “Little Love Story”: Head of shooting range

1980  “A piece of sky” or “A slap in the face”: Torik: main role

1980  “Silent Witness” (short): investigator Danielian

1978   “Another five days”: Hovik Markarian, journalist

1980-2000  Many plays in the Actor’s theatre after Henrik Malyan attached to “Armenfilm” studio: “A drop of honey” by Hovhannes Tumanyan, “My name is Aram” by William Saroyan, “Dekameron” by Djovani Bokaco, “Nazar the brave” by Derenik Demirchyan, “Autobiography” by Branislav Nusic, “The prisoner of second avenue” by Neil Simon, “The divine comedy” by Isidor Shtok etc. (Mostly main roles).


2012  “Snapshots” (documentary) by the order of “Shahkhatun” woman’s NGO. Armenia.

2010  “We are…” (documentary), in collaboration with Davit Matevossian dedicated to 40th anniversary of “We and our mountains” movie. Yerevan, Armenia.

2010  “The cursed faith of Lady Macbeth” (play) in Tehran, Iran

2010  “Like or not – We are Armenians” (play) in Tehran, Iran, dedicated to William Saroyan’s 100th anniversary. Tehran, Iran

2006-present  “Same time next year” (play) in the State theatre of musical comedy after Hakob Paronyan. Yerevan, Armenia.

1998  “The visti of Uncle Poghos”, Los Angeles, USA

1993  “Mice meeting” play, Tehran, Iran

1980-2000  “Nazar the brave”, “Orchestra”, “The divine comedy” etc. plays in the Actor’s theatre after Henrik Malyan

Awards and honours:

2014  got “Hayak” national film award as best supporting actor for the film “Tailless hermit” by  Khachik Chalikyan. Yerevan, Armenia.

2013   The film “The Pheasant Hunter” took Armenian National Cinema Award “Hayakn” as “Best debut”. Yerevan, Armenia

2009  got “Artavazd” award of the Theatre Workers Union of Armenia as “The Best Actor” for the monoplay “Metsamor” by Hrant Matevossian. Yerevan, Armenia

2003  got “The best cognitive, cultural, educational project” for the film series “Javakhk: We are living here”. Award by “Television and Radio Association of Development” NGO. Yerevan, Armenia

2001  got a Diploma of “Sayat-Nova 2001” The Best Song panarmenian awards for the song “Back to Yerevan”

1983  got “The best actor” award of USSR State Security Committee for “The Price of Return” by G. Melik-Avagyan. Yerevan, ASSR.

1982  got a Diploma for the film “The Song of the old days” given by Lenin Komsomol Central Committee of Armenia, The Union of Cinematographers of ASSR and Ministry of Culture of ASSR.

1981  got “Audience award” or “The charm” for the film “A piece of sky” or “A slap in the face” in the “All-Union film festival in Vilnius”. Vilnius, Lithuania.

Cultural activities:

31.05.2014   The film “The Illuminator” was presented during the symposium under the rubric “Corruption in Armenia: The Solutions and Role of the Diaspora” organized by The Toronto chapter of Armenian Renaissance. Toronto, Canada.

2013  The film “The Pheasant Hunter” took Armenian National Cinema Award “Hayak” as “Best debut”. Yerevan, Armenia.

2013  Starred in the film “The Pheasant Hunter” and after the film was presented to The 35th Moscow International film festival (20.06.-29.06.2013). Moscow, Russia.

2012  Was invited to Genoa, Italy to participate in the International Festival of Poetry. Genoa, Italy.

2010  Developed and published Armenian folk tales.

2010  The president of the jury of The 8th International film festival “One Shot”, Yerevan, Armenia.

2006  Participated in “The days of France” in Armenia with the play “Small marital crimes” by Eric Emmanuel Schmitt. Yerevan. Armenia.

2008  The head of the Jury of “Golden Apricot” International film festival. Yerevan, Armenia

2003  Took part in “The Trouba Tour” festival in Vienna, presented “Armenian folk song before and after Sayat-Nova” program, presented new development of “Tamam ashkhar ptout eka” song by Sayat –Nova in collaboration with the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra. Vienna, Austria.

2001  Participated in “Sayat-Nova 2001” The Best Song panarmenian awards, got diploma for a song “Back to Yerevan”. Yerevan, Armenia.

1985  Touring in Riga, Latvia with The Actor’s theatre after Henrik Malyan. Riga, Latvia.

1997  Released “Dle M’Konde” musical album. Los Angeles, USA

1996-1997  Recorded “Dle M’Konde” musical album, “Asparez” studio. Yerevan, Armenia

1993  Toured in Lebanon with The Actor’s theatre after Henrik Malyan. Presented the plays “A drop of Honey” and “The divine comedy”. Beirut, Lebanon.

1993  Starred in the film “Calendar” of Canadian-Armenian film director Atom Egoyan. In the same year took part in the film festival “Berlinale” in Germany.

1992  Participated in Cairo International Festival of Theatre with the play “A drop of honey” as The Artistic Director of the Actor’s theatre after Henrik Malyan. Cairo, Egypt

During his early years he played in the first rock bands of Armenia: “Sarder”, “Arakialner”, “1+2”.

Membership in any organizations:

1997-present     AFFMA (Arpa Foundation for Film, Music & Art), Los Angeles, USA

1982-present     Member of The Union of Cinematographers of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia