Arto Khachaturyan

Arto Khachaturyan
JURY 2015 10 Oct, 2015

286076_2242402587277_6251077_ois an artist whose filmography includes more than twenty films. He gained his first credits as a cinematographer shortly after graduating from the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography in 1991. He has worked in “Armenfilm ” [Hayfilm] Studio since 1981. Arto Khachaturyan is a member of the Union of Cinematographers of Armenia.

2013 The Glass Trinket (completed)

2014 Meryal Hovit (cinematography)

2013 Ded 005

2013 Glass Keychain

2009 Krysha

2009 Grasping at the Ladybird’s Leg (Short)

2008 Anarak vordu veradardz

2006 Andrey (Documentary short)