Enrico Alexander Giordano

Enrico Alexander Giordano
JURY 2015 10 Oct, 2015

10313547_10202463132124886_5657220727444257941_nFrom a German mother and an Italian father, Enrico Alexander Giordano is raised between two cultures. He arrives in France in the 90’s where he studies language, literature and foreign civilization at the Sorbonne University (Paris IV). In 1996, he begins directing with a short films and quickly pursues by writing several screenplays for feature films. To improve his technical skills as a movie maker, he studies filmmaking in London and production in Paris. In 2002, Enrico Alexander Giordano sets up the french MOB Productions company and launches himself in the art of filmmaking. His main topic is the search of identity with a humorous touch and poetical images. “Master of the World” is his first movie (released in French theaters on the 28th December 2011). In 2010, MOB Productions company becomes distributor and the new name of the company is now MOB Productions & Distributions.


2012-Il Settimo (Short)
2011-Maître du monde (as Enrico Giordano)


2011- Maître du monde (as Enrico Giordano)


2007-Il caso ordero (Short) (as Enrico Giordano)


2011- Maître du monde (writer – as Enrico Giordano)Producer
2011-Maître du monde (producer – as Enrico Giordano)