Sose 2016 Selected Films. 104 Film from 38 Country

The selection of films taking part in Sose international film festival competition programme is over. The professional pre-selection committee (filmmaker Anna Bayatian – Armenia; director, producer Lyubo Yonchev – Bulgaria; film critic Marisia Bilska – Poland) has selected 104 out of 336 films sent from 61 countries, and from September 23-30 everyone will have an opportunity to watch and discuss those films.


There are feature and documentary, full-length and short-length films participating in the festival, which are presented in the “Content is  Woman” as main competition programme, special competition programmes with the topics “Independence” and “H2o”, and  “Student”  competition programme.


The  biggest number of films are sent from France, Russia and the U.S.A. . Twelve films passed the pre-selection from Armenia.


Competing  films of  Sose international film festival will be shown in different cinemas and cultural centres of the capital. Detailed information regarding the timetable and venues will be announced soon.


“Content is a woman” Competition Program

Ana Ajola Daja 00:26:29 Short Albania
ID Celina Font 00:08:51 Short Argentina
Turning Point Armen Simonyan 01:33:00 Feature Armenia
Another Homeland. Maria Jacobson’s diaries Vrezh Petrosyan 00:50:00 Documentary Armenia
Circulation Ani Hakobyan 00:20:09 Short Armenia
Lampedusa Peter Schreiner 02:10:52 Feature Austria
Next Door B. S. Mueller 00:23:00 Short Austria
Drizella Hirtt Sarah 00:18:12 Short Belgium
What the night brings LEA TRIBOULET 00:20:00 Short Bosnia and Herzegovina
The woman Margarita Bojilova 00:30:44 Short Bulgaria
For Eva Kiril Totev 00:20:07 Short Bulgaria
The Bridge Yana Lekarska 00:18:33 Short Bulgaria
Solveig Yana Titova 00:14:49 Short Bulgaria
Minor Sam C. Avery 01:12:00 Feature Canada
A song of water Juan José Castillejo 00:18:10 Short Colombia
Something About Life Nebojša Slijepčević 00:30:00 Documentary Croatia
Dark Glasses Jessica Rodríguez 01:30:00 Feature Cuba
Wintry Spring Mohamed Kamel 00:15:38 Short Egypt
Easy Reappearance Guillaume Levil 00:16:50 Short France
Granny, Vanya and the Goat Daria Yurkevich 00:15:00 Short France
Juliet Marc-Henri Boulier 00:11:30 Short France
Vartouche’s Chorek GERARD BOYADJIAN 00:08:36 Documentary France
Mother Rati Tsiteladze 00:09:55 Short Georgia
Sisters Share Everything Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss 01:33:52 Feature Germany
He and She Marco Gadge 00:15:00 Short Germany
my last concert Selcuk Cara (BVR) 00:14:53 Short Germany
Monica Dimitris Argyriou 00:05:00 Documentary Germany
Sumud (Everyday Resistance) Emmet Sheerin / Bryan Gerard Duffy 00:11:58 Documentary Ireland
Samira Dalit Kimor 00:40:16 Short Israel
VIP Boris Baykov 00:06:57 Short Kazakhstan
Flutulus Igor Sadovski 00:30:00 Short Moldova
Mother Piotrek Golebiowski 00:27:06 Short Poland
City birds Julia Belaya 01:30:00 Feature Russian Federation
Temptation Alexander Tyutryumov 01:20:00 Feature Russian Federation
Round and Round Alla Cheremisina 00:26:38 Short Russian Federation
Next Elena Brodach 00:06:28 Short Russian Federation
Line of life Katarina Bulajic 00:22:00 Documentary Serbia
The Belgian Mums Sven Tuytens 00:26:05 Documentary Spain
Gender & Number Inés Poggio Quero 00:06:33 Documentary Spain
My Baby Shot Me Down Daniella Daemy 00:10:00 Short United Kingdom
After the Curtain Emelie Mahdavian 01:09:39 Documentary United States
LUTAH A Passion for Architecture: A Life in Design Kum-Kum Bhavnani 01:05:35 Documentary United States

“Independence” Special Competition Program

Soldaten Fabricio Heider 00:08:45 Short Argentina
My Armenian land Garnik Meliq-Karapetyan 00:03:20 Documentary Armenia
Hard Work Lilit Movsisyan 00:03:00 Short Armenia
Three Candles: Scars from the Balkan Wars Diana Zacharieva 01:19:00 Documentary Bulgaria
To My Father Diana Skaya, Liliana Komorowska 00:25:17 Short Canada
Stony Paths Arnaud KHAYADJANIAN 01:00:00 Documentary France
Ardak Esmaeil Monsef 00:17:51 Short Iran
spilling salt Natalia Armienta Oikawa 01:04:00 Documentary Mexico
Ever The Land Sarah Grohnert 01:33:00 Documentary New Zealand
The Dybbuk. A Tale of Wandering Souls Krzysztof KopczyЕ„ski 01:26:00 Documentary Poland
The Spring of Life Nadezhda Vitalskaya 01:31:12 Feature Russian Federation
«The Doctor» Anna Goroyan 00:25:00 Short Russian Federation
PieroPaolo MIGUEL ANGEL BARROSO 01:16:00 Documentary Spain
Short Lives in a Large Room Karlos Alastruey 00:14:30 Short Spain
Odessa as it is. People – Events Roman Volchak, Andranik Davtyan 01:01:43 Documentary Ukraine
Bragg N East Rob Underhill 00:24:00 Short United States
A Town Called Theocracy Jehad N. Al-Khateeb 00:15:00 Short United States

“H2O” Special Competition Program

Water vender Sona Tonakanian 00:10:19 Short Armenia
The Diary of Theodore Kracklite Jacques Lœuille 00:15:00 Documentary France
The Ripple Effect Sarah Khan 00:05:43 Documentary Pakistan
Black water Roman Karimov 01:53:00 Feature Russian Federation
Ten Centimeters of Life Anna Yanovskaya 01:06:00 Documentary Russian Federation
Sprint to the past Fedor Selkin 00:16:00 Short Russian Federation
Rough Sea Ariadna Rodríguez Masià 00:16:20 Documentary Spain
To The Sea ufuk çavuş 00:12:22 Short Turkey
Waterless Marc I. Daniels 00:45:27 Short United States

 “Sudent” Competition Program

I have come Hovhannes Ghazaryan 00:39:52 Short Armenia
Breathing Christine Hambardzumyan 00:17:24 Short Armenia
Once I’ve Heard A Sweet Voice Garik Avakian 00:13:13 Short Armenia
The Roots Marianna Tovmasyan 00:12:57 Short Armenia
Ladie’s house Ani Misakian 00:11:51 Short Armenia
Open space Arman Ayvazyan 00:11:11 Short Armenia
Noriko Christian Jilka 00:29:59 Short Austria
Ambivalence Tine Lammens 00:06:47 Short Belgium
Folklore João Segall, Pedro Anversa 00:20:00 Short Brazil
Love Boya Harizanova 00:24:00 Short Bulgaria
Cello Nicolas Akrabov 00:20:00 Short Bulgaria
Leftovers Peter Howie 00:11:27 Short Canada
Engagement FU BO 00:09:40 Short China
Cold ice, warm heart Viljami Alaheikka 00:19:01 Documentary Finland
The Unexpected Taste of Apple Jonas Bloquet 00:17:48 Short France
Colette and The Room B-12 Alexandra Karamisaris 00:10:13 Short France
Bus 43 Alexis Lazaridis 00:15:36 Short Greece
Hasti Kamal Parnak 00:09:33 Short Iran
Drago Massimiliano Milic 00:25:00 Documentary Italy
a Time in a Life George Barbari 00:28:35 Short Lebanon
Life to Tape Nour Akiki 00:11:21 Short Lebanon
America Aleksandra Terpinska 00:29:58 Short Poland
The Undersigned Michał Pokropek 00:25:30 Short Poland
The Silence Artur Boruzs 00:06:47 Short Romania
Gorbatov Nikita Ordynskiy 00:24:40 Short Russian Federation
Verochka Ekaterina Mazukhina 00:22:07 Short Russian Federation
The Revenge Georgy Soldatov 00:15:00 Short Russian Federation
My granny who once lived Yulia Kalinina 00:10:26 Short Russian Federation
Wolves Alvaro Rodriguez Areny 00:11:50 Short Spain
1942 Valentin Pittard 00:10:37 Short Switzerland
The Subscriber Maryna Artemenko, Oksana Artemenko 00:09:39 Short Ukraine
Demons Abdullah Ali Al Maawali 00:13:56 Short United Kingdom
Cocaine and Cormorants Alexis P.N. 00:09:33 Short United Kingdom
Lost and Found Gian Marco Heilmann 00:12:20 Short United States
We’re Still Here Ani Djaferian 00:11:42 Documentary United States
Daesh Girl Abdul Almutairi 00:11:27 Short United States