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Main Competition Program 2017
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Type:  Short

Duration: 00:12:18

Country: United Kingdom

Producers: Karina Bucilina, Matt Portman , Otto Buhne

Directors: Matt Portman

Writers: Matt Portman , Otto Buhne

Cinematographers: Marek Wesolowski, Michal Wesolowski

Cast: Nick Waring, Emma Linley, Haley Adams, Katya Boirand

A crack is appearing right in front of Steve’s face. A wet, broken opening in the ceiling above his bed. He stares at it every night before he goes to sleep. In the morning, it’s still there, mocking him.  Frustrated, and humiliated at his office job, Steve shuffles through his daily routines. His world has turned grey. At home, his family barely speak to him. His son’s personality has dissipated into his phone, while his wife has become a dejected stranger. How could life have become so disappointing?

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