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Main Competition Program 2017
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Type:  Feature

Duration: 01:36:58

Country: Russian Federation

Producers: Natalya Treushnikova, Sergey Solovyov, Vasiliy Vakulenko

Directors: Sergey Solovyov

Writers: Sergey Solovyov

Cinematographers: Timofey Lobov

Based on a short story “Paradise Found” by Andrey Gelasimov. On the eve of his draft day a youngster Sasha nicknamed Jagger decides to spend the modest amount of money he has saved to buy stylish sneakers. By chance the sneakers take him to a girl named Amira, with whom he spends the night. In the morning it transpires that the girl has a nine-year-old son Mitia. The boy is autistic and suffers from some other mental illness. Amira asks Jagger and his friend to help her take the boy to the orphanage.

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