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Main Competition Program 2017
She, The Sergeant Matacho
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Type: Feature

Duration: 01:33:03

Country: Colombia

Producers: Alina Hleap

Directors: William Gonzalez

Writers: Marco Antonio Lopez Salamanca, William Gonzalez, Matilde Rodriguez

Cinematographers: Martin Boege

Cast: Fabiana Medina, Damian Alcázar, Marlon Moreno, Juan Pablo Franco, Juan Pablo Barragán

SHE,  THE SERGEANT MATACHO SYNOPSIS  In 1948, El Libano municipality, Tolima: as a retaliation for the liberal guerrilla attack, the “chulavita” police kills Rosalba Velasco’ husband. She is a 24-year-old peasant and mother of a female child.

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