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Main Competition Program 2017
A Common Connection
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Type: Documentary

Duration: 00:45:00

Country: United Kingdom

Directors: Elena Georgieva , Hristo Petkov

Cinematographers: Ivan Grincenco

The film explores whether two strangers can be connected through the random people they know. Paul is a blind software engineer from Glasgow who loves to visit the local art gallery. Grandma Dobrina is a housewife from a small village in Bulgaria. She speaks only Bulgarian and spends most of her time with her hens. The film follows a journey starting from Paul with the idea of reaching Grandma Dobrina through several connections. The film explores how people can be defined not by their social habits or national belonging but rather by their actions, desires and personal motivations. The goal of the film is to show the way we connect with and “sense” each other in a human manner – and how a camera and the film making process can capture this. The film is an experiment which tests the “six degrees of separation” theory. To reach someone is not a goal, it is a journey. Throughout this journey the outside world breathes.

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