Artur TumasyanArtur Tumasyan / actor-director/ Artur Tumasyan was born in November 2, 1965 in Yerevan, Armenia. 1973-1983 he attended to #135 school of Yerevan. 1981-1994 attended to State Mime Theatre of Yerevan 1987-1991 attended to Pedagogical University of Armenia, Theatre department, Art Studio of Henrik Malyan 1993 “Hayk” documentary studio, as the director and screen writer of “Touch” , his debut film 1994 Came up with the “First Film-94” movie festival for debut movies and worked as an administrator 1995 Came up with the “Video Art-95” movie festival and worked as an administrator 1998-1999 He went on a tour as a mime in Belgium and Holland 1998-1999 created a line of mime workshop-seminars in Yerevan, Armenia 2000 Moved to The United States 2004 directed the movie “Gunshot in Sanctuary” 2007 Created “Argelanoc” film studio 2012 stared in the movie “East Side Story” directed by David Winters, USA 2014 directed the film “Getaway”